Dr. Kimo Message

Aloha All,
Thank you for taking an interest in helping us to address this very sad epidemic.

We found that it’s not enough to “tell” kids not to use dangerous drugs. A better approach is to replace the word “No” with “Know”. Because, “if they know, they may not go”. Knowledge is power and for youth, knowing can be a superpower.

Now that we’re coming out of COVID, we see a rise in addictions of both drugs and alcohol.

We know nobody chooses to be addicted in the same way nobody chooses heart disease or diabetes. Addiction just happens when we start replacing the chemicals that our brain naturally produces with chemicals from the outside like nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, meth, etc.

We also know that using drugs is not good because you’re teaching your brain NOT to produce these natural chemicals anymore, and thus it expects YOU to find it yourself— which is what we call “craving”. This then puts you on the path of “I like it”, to “I want it”, to “I need it” . Here, drugs make you feel good, UNTIL THEY DON’T, and that’s the path of addiction.

If you’re stuck in addiction then please reach out to somebody you trust that can help you find help —and there is help, like talking to your primary care physician or calling the CARES Line of Hawaii 1-(800) 753-6879 . We hope the information on this website can help as well.

Dr. Kimo, Task Force Lead

Kimo Alameda


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