Kimo Alameda


Aloha Friends of Team Bay,
Although COVID-19 created some turbulence in the air, Bay is still flying high and in the right direction. We know that it is never a smooth ride, especially when traveling upward. And every pilot will tell you, if you don’t have a destination mapped out then you will easily get lost. This why we are pleased to announce that our three-year strategic plan was developed and approved by the community board. Utilizing tools like board input, employee satisfaction surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, the community needs assessment, and then transferring the most important aspects of these pieces of information to a well-thought out plan is simply remarkable. We have already identified some key action steps for 2021. We also made some big moves in expanding our services by building our new COVID-Testing and COVID-Vaccine Clinic at administration and then over to 305 Wailuku Dr. Our COVID Coordinator, Erin Samura re- ports vaccinating on average 40 patients a day, 5 days a week.

Over the past quarter, we’ve had tremendous success in strengthening partnerships island-wide. I want to personally thank Congressman Kai Kahele for attending our blessing of the new patient shuttle and vaccine clinic at Admin, and for taking the lead in bringing the vaccine to the people of Miloli’i. After this event in March, word got out and we became the most sought after health center on the island, with communities from Keaukaha to Kalapana asking us to bring the vaccine to their communities as well. We were told that we are the only health entity in the state to set up a clinic in a community with no electricity. You might have also noticed that high school sports are back in action and we were influential in helping make that happen. A team of Bay employees drove out to HPA and taught the HPA nursing staff how to administer the COVID test and we then donated a bunch of tests for their sports program.
These are just some of the examples of Bay serving the community in ways no other health center can. We are truly living our mission. Bay reminds me of the legendary surfer Eddie Aikau who would surf any wave, any place, any time --Yes. "Bay too... Would Go!"

B-Safe, B-Positive, B(ay)-Strong!

C. Kimo Alameda, PhD